Saturday, December 19, 2009

Free QP - From Christmas Past

Tom arrived safely this afternoon!! We had a lovely day filled with family and visiting. Dave and his lovely wife made it home safely before the bad weather arrived there. It is so hard to believe that Christmas is less than a week away now. I hope you will enjoy this QP that is made using From Christmas Past. (Thanks Jan for doing such a lovely job with these!!) Hugs to all, Jan


Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a busy weekend and a FREE QP for you

It has been so long since I've seen my son.... and the time was dragging along until just this week it hit me that he will be here on FRIDAY!!! Yahoo, I can't wait to hug him after 15 months! If he stays in Alaska, I am going to have to get over my fear of flying for sure.

Anyway, I have so much to get done before he gets here on Friday. He has ordered up a special menu of things that are not easy to come by in Barrow, or should I say of things that are way too pricey there. I know that dieting is out until he goes home at the first of the year so I am not even going to think about the calories for 2 weeks!

Yesterday was the Christmas dinner for work. The dinner was good, but the "death by chocolate" cake was the high point of the evening. Dark chocolate cake that was so moist it dissolved in your mouth!! Connect the layers with a fudge sauce, cover the whole thing with a fudge sauce topped with shaved chocolate. Okay, you get the picture... the scales will be yelling "GET OFF" after all of that! LOL.

Here is the second Quick Page that Jan has made using From Christmas Past. If you enjoy them, please leave a comment so that she will see it. Be sure to stop back later in the week for the others. I won't have time for big posts, but there are still 2 QP's after this one.


Until next time, hugs to all! Jan

Friday, December 11, 2009

Free QP from A Christmas Past kit

Gee, I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted on here. So much is going on in life at the moment, in addition to the upcoming holidays. Mom had her surgery today and is home and doing well. Tom will be home in just 7 more days :)! Time goes so fast these days. Anyway.... I have taken over the Scrap by the Numbers Challenge at Deco-Pages. You can find the details here. Complete the challenge and you will get the kit for free. (If you can't do the challenge this month, you can grab the kit in my stores in January.)

Jan, from my creative team, has made some lovely Quick Pages with this kit. You can download this one HERE.

I will be posting links for 3 more free Quick Pages during this week. Hope you will enjoy them!

Hugs to all,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Layout of the Day

Check out Jan's LO, which was named Layout of the Day at Deco-Pages on Nov. 2nd!! Jan is doing CT work for me :) CONGRATULATIONS, Jan!!

And wait until you see the goodies she's made to share for Digital Scrapbook Day. ;)

Hugs to all, Jan

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

We only have a couple more hours until all the tiny tots come knocking on the door. Mind you, we live in a spot that we don't always have the most ghosts and goblins but I so love to see the little faces when they pick the candy from the basket. It is even more fun now when the grands come to the door.

Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour when you go to bed. Hubby will be crying boo hoo because he hates this time of year. Being a night owl all of my life, I really don't mind the extra hours of darkness. Since it will be too dark to be outside, I have an excuse to sit in the computer chair and work on scrap kits.

Be sure to come back on the 1st (tomorrow at midnight) for my part of the ADSD Blog Train - Gingerbread Christmas. This time I will be putting a corresponding kit in my shops.

There is so much more to tell you, but I have to get ready for the goblins. Talk to you soon and until then.... Hugs to all, Jan

Monday, October 26, 2009

A New Week!

The store at Deco Pages is open now :) I have such a hard time with new things LOL!! Finally figured out that I had missed a step in the tut and from there things went fine. Anyway, look for some special things coming up there in the near future.

This weekend was the City's Halloween Party for the kids. I got to help decorate on Friday after work and then Saturday was lots of fun with the kids. My little pirate was there to enjoy the games and dancing. Yes, the little stinker did the Limbo when gramma was not looking!! I was so bummed that I didn't get a picture. There were tons of kids and they all seemed to have a great time. I put an album with pictures over at Facebook if you can see them there. If you can't I will share my little Pirate here!

Be sure to save the 29th at 9:30 Eastern time to visit Genealogy Chat (see the attendance bonus in prior posts) and remember to stop back here on Nov. 1st for my part of the Gingerbread Christmas Blog Train.

Until later, hugs to all!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New store coming soon

I have decided to join the design team over at Deco-Pages! I'm so excited to be able to be a part of the team. I should have my things loaded into the store by the time the weekend is out. Please stop by and say hello! On December 1st, I will be taking over the Scrap By The Number Challenge. Check out the challege and see how it works. I'll be making a kit to be given as the challenge reward. I'm just getting my bearings but it will be lots of fun, I'm sure. They have a new Welcome Kit that starts on the 1st of Nov. When it goes live, I will post a preview of my contribution here on the blog. Anyway, do stop by and say hello. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful.

Hugs to All,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where does time go?

It seems so hard to believe that we are almost to the middle of October already. My DGS is looking forward to putting on his "dead pirate" outfit and tricking everyone on Halloween. The trees here are beginning to take on the beautiful colors of autumn and with the rain we've had, they are already starting to pile on the ground. I just love the colors of fall, the crisp morning air and the sound of the leaves under my feet as I walk along. I am not a huge fan of what comes next, but the fall has always been my favorite time of year.

Just 2 months and my son will be home for a visit from Alaska. It is so hard with him being so far away and knowing the conditions there are not great. (He lives in Barrow. Google that sometime!) It will be absolutely wonderful to have him home for the Christmas holidays. Even better, my nephew is leaving Iraq this week and he and his wife will also be joining us for a couple days at that time too. It will be so nice for the grown kids to all be together again. It's been a while!

I have closed my CT call and will be making a post later about the lovely ladies who will be working with my kits. The second store is loaded now and we are making plans at Ivy Scraps for a Grand Opening. Watch here for details. I know that this is a busy time of year for everyone, but don't forget the font and recipe challenges at Moo Two. The recipe challenge this time is Soup and the weather is perfect for sharing those recipes. Oh and remember there is a chat on the 29th for Genealogy. Terry put up a great lesson last month and we are still discussing it and answering questions. We'd love to have you and those who attend will pick up this mini kit free. If you miss it, then you will find it in my stores in November sometime.

I'm off to take advantage of some free time while DH is off fishing with the guys. Until the next time... Hugs to all, Jan

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Color Challenge kit Freebie

I took the time this month to participate in the Paint The Barn challenge at Moo Two Designs. Here is a preview of the kit and you can download it HERE.

Hugs, Jan

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another store and a CT Call

I have been invited to set up shop over at IVY SCRAPS. I've started loading things into the shop there and hope that you will all stop by. I have found a home for our Heritage Challenge!!! Grand Opening is looking like November, so please keep an eye out here for details. Designers are still signing on and details are shaping up for Grand Opening.

With 2 stores and the possibility of a third very soon, I am in need of a CT. :) Please see the Ad for details. Can't wait to see who joins the team. (CT CALL has been CLOSED, thanks!)

I have posted a Blinkie here on the blog, be sure to grab it!

Have a great weekend and Hugs to All, Jan

Friday, September 18, 2009

More Great News!!

As some of you know, my son left last Sept. for Alaska. While I was not crazy about the idea of him being so far from home (okay, I know he IS 28 but....) it was for the best at the time. He was hired to work for the school as a temp. to work in the boro schools. It pays him well and the job situation here is not great. Still, it is very hard to go for a year without seeing him. He was hired by the school this week, which means he now has benefits AND paid vacation. I am so excited to say he will be home on Dec. 18th and will remain here until the new year. I already know that I will be just as sad when he leaves this time, but he has done so much to better himself in the year that he has been gone.

That was the first good thing this week. The second is that I've started putting kits into the shop at Moo Two Designs. If you missed a chat bonus or a couple of the blog freebies, you can now find them in the store. If you shop before the end of Sept. you can get them for 40% off. I will be adding more in the next few days and still have another bit of news to tell you all :) Good things are all around this week!!

Remember that we have a genealogy chat at Moo Two Designs on Thursday, Sept. 24th at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Terry is going to start another lesson in the forum. Please check it out and bring your questions to the chat! We look forward to being able to help you with questions and to finding information and links that will be helpful to you. I will also have some little goody to give away just for those attending chat. Hope we will see you there.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Moving Wall

The weekend is winding down and it has been raining off and on since yesterday. This morning while it was still partly sunny, we took off for the park to visit the VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL MOVING WALL. I took some photos, but have not moved all of them from the camera to the computer yet. This is not the first time that the wall has been in our area, but it is our first visit. Words can't describe the feeling of seeing the expanse of panels with over 58,000 names inscribed. It is such somber sight and yet such a beautiful memorial. I hope that you will have the opportunity to see it too. Until the next time, hugs to all! Jan

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lots of things to be excited about!!! :)

Hi Everyone :)

I hope that you are enjoying the first day of your long weekend. My weekend is going to be loaded with work, but that was my choice. The new laptop is here and I've been busy copying all of the CU files over there. I've got lots of designing to do ;)

It's so hard to believe that it is Sept. already. This is my busy time of year at the office and we are entering my favorite time of year. I just love the fall and winter holidays with all the family in one place for huge meals that make you miserable and lazy. I am waiting for a definite word that my son will be coming home from AK this year for Christmas. He's been gone a year and I miss him so much!!

Okay, so there are 2 of the exciting things going on in life at the moment. Ready for some more??

I have been invited to open a shop at Moo Two Designs and I'm so excited!! There is so much to be done yet, but I am hoping to have some things in my shop by the end of the month. I'll add a post when it is official, so keep an eye out here.

I am working on another bit of good news, but do not have all of the details yet. With this one will be the home of my new heritage challenge. (Please don't forget the genealogy lessons and chat at Moo Two either.)

Okay, off to finish up the networking job and then to get busy. Have a safe an happy Labor Day weekend.

Hugs to all,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School

The weather is changing, with the nights being quite chilly here. Last evening while out walking it was necessary to dig out the sweat shirts!! Two of the grands started school last week and little Ryley has his first day tomorrow. I am hoping to get moving early enough to get pictures. Although it seems like only yesterday, 20 years ago his mother walked through the same doors on her first day of kindergarten. There are lots of wonderful scrap kits that work for back to school. In fact the ADSD Blog Train for Sept. is School Daze! Be sure to visit Janalyn's Place for a nice freebie! From there travel the train to find all of the things that you can download.

I have a secret and will be posting it here in just a few days. Be sure to watch for it and hopefully a freebie to go along with it.

Hugs to all,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Days!

I apologize for not having a freebie on here recently. It seems that I am running in a huge circle and not gaining ground sometimes. I'll get there, I know I will! I wanted to share a couple of things with all of you. For those who know me outside of the digiscrap loop and as some of you are learning, Genealogy is the other love of my life. There is something about the challenges it creates and I don't think many things compare to being able to help someone trace their family tree. Many acts of kindness have fallen my way and I try to pay them forward whenever I can. Okay, you say, so what has this to do with you...

My friend Terry (withnuts) at Moo Two Designs has started to put genealogy lessons together for all of us (yep, you too) and she has posted the 1st lesson here. There is a lot of great information in the first lesson, sure to get you jump-started on that family tree! Please be sure to visit the forum and check it out. Yell with any questions.

Now, if that was not enough to be jumping and shouting about, a friend called me just a while ago. There is a huge scrapbook (uh huh, I said scrapbook) that needs to be copied and digitized. I will be leaving here in a short while to go and have a look see. He said the pages are huge, so I am thinking that scanning is going to be out of the question. Anyway, the things in the scrapbook pertain to local area folks who served in World War II. It will be wonderful to share that information with folks, via my genealogy web site Genealogy Pit Stop, and to work at digitizing the actual documents, news articles, etc. for the use of future generations. I'm not sure why I get so excited about work, but I just can't stop smiling today.

Oh and one last thing... you can buy Royanna Fritschmann's entire store (CU included) at Divine Digital for $25. I have been downloading files for 3 days!!!!

So, hurry on over to Moo Two and check out the genealogy lesson. Then stop over at Divine Digital and Royanna has some great kits for working with your heritage album. Don't forget to mark you calendars for the genealogy chat at Moo Two on the 30th at 9:30 Eastern time and I promise I will have the attendance bonus finished by then. Whew.... Okay I am done rattling now!

Hugs to all,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Challenges are Up

I've posted the new Font and Recipe Challenges over at Moo Two. We are using the font "Walt Disney" this time. The recipe challenge is all about Strawberries and I would love it if you would share your favorite recipe with us. Hugs, Jan

Monday, July 13, 2009

Time for Scrapping

I had some time over the weekend to play with my digital scrap kits, old ones and new ones. ;) I haven't taken the time to make any pages for a while and had forgotten just how much I enjoy it. I hope I can do it again soon as there are so many photos I need to get into layouts. Here are some of the ones from the weekend:

Credits: Template by Gloria Val Verde - Red, White and Blue Mega Kit by DSP Designers - Stock Exchange photos (Magnolia photo)

Credits: Red, White and Blue Mega Kit by DSP Designers

Credits: Laimeta kit, Blossom Kit by Gail P. at Moo Two Designs - Word Art by Tina Chambers

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sharing Vacation

We had such a wonderful time when we were away and I took so many photos. This weekend I've taken some time to play with them and thought I would share some of the results. There are so many more to work with and so little time! I need to be getting the new challenges ready for Moo Two and promise that I'll be doing another freebie very soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy these shared layouts.
Hugs to All, Jan

I used Woodlands Walk kit, created by Lauren Bavin

I used Canyon Cliffs kit, created by Lauren Bavin

Again, I used Canyon Cliffs kit by Lauren Bavin

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hi All! Popping in here to say hello and wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July! We have a full day planned tomorrow. We will put the old Chevy truck in a local car show and leave from there to let the grands ride in the truck, throwing candy in the city parade. This year they had a choice of rides in the parade and they still wanted to go in Pappy's old truck!! In the evening it will be off to the other grandma's house for a BBQ and to watch the fireworks. Everyone always has such a wonderful time. I'll eat way too much because it is so good when I don't have to cook ;)~ That's okay, I'll have Sunday to recover. Have fun everyone and be Safe!! Hugs to all, Jan

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun Friday

It seems like just yesterday that we arrived back from Shepherdstown and Harpers Ferry. I had every intention of getting some photos posted to share with all of you. It is so beautiful over in MD and the eastern panhandle of WV. DH and I went on a very long hike, high up on the red cliffs of Maryland Heights to take photos looking down on Harpers Ferry. I haven't dumped all of the photos to the pc yet, but I think there are a couple in here that I can share. You will see how muddy the Potomac River is from all of the heavy rain over there. Although it rained for some part of each day, it was either before or after the activities we had planned.

Today was Cool Kids Day at the Credit Union in the building where our office suite is located. Since I opened an account for my DGS when he was born, he gets to come see Gramma at the office and then we go down to see what is happening. This year it was Pirates and he loved his hat and eye patch. A pirate girl made parrots of balloons and put one on his shoulder. He told me that this get up was his new favorite scariest outfit and he might just wear it for Halloween. You have to know Ryley, but it was really funny. Check out my little Pirate!!! Until the next time, Hugs to all!! Jan

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Attendance Bonus

This kit will be given as an attendance bonus for the Moo Two Genealogy Chat on Thursday, June 25th at 9 p.m. Eastern time. Bring your questions with you. Everyone is great at sharing ideas and tips.

DH and I are going to head off for a long weekend away from everything. I am so excited that I've packed already LOL!! The auditor finally left at the close of today!! The audit has been complete for over a week, but he had to type up all of his reports and findings :( Anyway, he has gone, we've made arrangements for the fur-baby while we are away and I can't wait until time to head out. I'm taking both cameras and hope to have tons of photos to scrap with when we get back. There is also rain in the forecast for each day and DH is really starting to worry that I will actually make him take me to the Cumberland Mall Ha Ha!! See you when we get back and don't forget to mark you calendar for the chat at Moo Two.

Hugs to all,

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Challenges

Hey Everyone,

I'll be putting the new Font and Recipe Challenges up at Moo Two later this evening. We are going to use a font called "Lipstick Traces" this month and below is a layout that I created using the posting bonus. I think it will be a fun font to work with and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

The Recipe Challenge this month is Summer Salads and below is a recipe LO that I have created using the posting bonus. The recipe is from A Taste Of Home. I love their recipes!! Won't you share a recipe this month?! Hope to see your LO in the gallery. Hugs to all, Jan

Little Molly Memory page

I used Friends kit by GAP Scraps (Gail P.) over at Moo Two Designs Forum. It is the kit used for Needle In The Haystack Challenge from May 15th to June 14th. Clues are posted daily in the challenge forum to help you find the pieces of the kit. Christine does a wonderful job of pointing them out - sometimes with the links right there. ;) The kit is not only given for this period, but the pieces remain in place for a while after the month ends. It doesn't take a lot of effort to collect them and if you miss a day (which I am terrible about doing) the link is still there. Okay, enough chatter about that.

Little Molly is the daughter of my cousin. She was born prematurely and had a terrible reaction to the meds used on her mother in the delivery room. Although she had a terrible beginning and almost didn't make it, you can see she is doing well. Can you tell that is her grandma holding her?? LOL!!

I am off to finish the things I need to so that I can get the new challenges posted at Moo Two and here for you too see too! Watch for that post later today or late this evening. Hugs to all, Jan

Monday, June 8, 2009


With so many things going on this month, I was afraid that I would not be able to play with this great color palette for the June Color Challenge at DSO. I'm so glad that I did, as these colors were so fun to work with. Please leave some love if you download and be sure to check out all the other great kits in the forum. (I AM NOT SURE WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE ZIP FILE, BUT A NEW ZIP FILE HAS BEEN UPLOADED AND THE LINK CORRECTED. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!)

You can download it


Monday, June 1, 2009

ADSD Soft Denim Blog Train Freebie

Here is my contribution to the ADSD June Blog Train:

You can download it HERE.

Be sure to hop on the train again HERE to get the rest of the pieces to this collab.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hope For A Cure Charity Collab

Welcome to the Digi Design Academy Charity Blog Hop!

Recently our dear friend, Trish had a Breast Cancer scare
and she decided to use her experience to remind and encourage
others to take exams regularly.Early detection is vital!

So all of her friends
at the Digi Design Academy (and Trish herself) have put together this
great mega kit for all of you! A donation is not required of course, but
would be greatly appreciated. The charity that Trish has chosen as the
benefactor is and the donation button below will take you
directly to the site to donate if you wish.

This bright and fun mega kit contains:

50+ beautiful papers!
70+ incredible elements!
4 amazing full size alpha sets!
and set of 5 lovely word art pieces!



This is my part:

Download my contribution here.

And here's the blogroll for the rest of
the contributions to this great mega kit!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Template Challenge and May CC kit

The following LO is for the Tool Shed Template Challenge at Moo Two. The template was provided by Gloria Val Verde and the kit I used is the Color Challenge PB from KimB's color challenge at DSO. I just love the color palette this month. The photo is of the U.S. Post Office (yes, that is it) in Kaktovik, Alaska. The photos my DS shares amaze me. Hugs to all, Jan

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Challenges Up

It seems so hard to believe that a month has whizzed right by and it is time to put the new challenges up at Moo Two. I have taken over the Font challenge and tried to choose an interesting font to work with. We are going to work with a font called Outlaw and you can grab it HERE. For the Recipe challenge, we are sharing our favorite covered dish recipes this month. Hope you will stop by and play along.

Hugs to all,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Heart of Spring CC Freebie

I had so much fun working with this color palette from KimB's DSO Color Challenge that I plan to do a second kit just for fun! Download Heart of Spring HERE. I would love to see layouts using it, please share your links. Hugs, Jan

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Scraps

Okay, so I am not as far on the new kit as I want to be....I have a handful of elements made, but would like to do several more. DH left Thursday evening for a fishing trip with one of his buddies. They will be gone until tomorrow evening. Add in some wonderful days of almost 70 degrees and beautiful sunshine... then throw in some time with the grand because his mommy had to work and his daddy has Reserves this weekend. I've had a hard time sitting still for very long at a time. I did get some scrapping done, so I can share the layouts I made yesterday. The first one made LOTD!!

Credits: Template by Lori, Lazy Afternoon kit by MrsJayBob at Moo Two Designs

Credits: Hearts and Love kit by Froggy Pond Designs

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Night Speed Scrap

Hey Everyone :)

I took half the day off today to just chill before all the work for the Easter dinner and company. I selfishly took the afternoon to do just what I wanted to do. I worked at organizing files and checking out some of the great challenges at my new home and downloaded some free kits so that I can put some things into the gallery to support the designers there. Anyway, over at Moo Two there is a Friday Night Speed Scrap. Ms. Jordan provides you with a kit to use for the scrap and during an hour long chat, she gives the instructions about every 10 minutes or so as you go along. After chat, you have an hour to post in the gallery and add a link and then you will be given a free posting bonus. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it, but I made it and this is what I was able to do in that hour that we were chatting and working:

The kit is called Craft Bin and was provided by Ms. Jordan at Moo Two Designs. I hope you can come and check it out some Friday.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Mini Kit Freebie

Hi Everyone,
The next few days are going to be really busy with the holidays and helping a dear friend get ready for her gift shop Grand Opening next week. I really wanted to spend more time on the elements in this mini kit, but if I keep at the pace I am moving, Easter will be long gone and it won't be up. That said, here is the preview:

and you can grab the freebie HERE.

If I don't get a chance to post here again before the weekend, Happy Easter everyone.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


Excuse the dust while I try on a few things to give the blog its own image. I'm new to much of this, so please be kind.

I'm so happy that you stopped by!! Since I have decided to leave SAS, I will be looking for a new home for my Heritage Challenge and will just put the things I've made for a posting bonus on the blog as freebies.

This will be the first one and you can grab it