Monday, May 30, 2011

Here we go again

No apologies because it seems that my good intentions fall by the wayside no matter what. With Tom home, some remodeling and Shay soon to be home, most things around the Waite house are on hold. We are having a family gathering today and that will conclude a very busy 3 day weekend. I had intended to scrap some photos or even start on the Heritage Chat freebie, but it hasn't happened. Oh, I started some papers last night... love the colors but it just didn't happen the way I thought it would. Maybe next week LOL!!

The rain has taken a break and we have been eating way too much. I've decided that diets are way overrated! Seriously, it is very hard to find time to walk or exercise when your routine has been drastically altered. In a few weeks I'll try it again.

We went to a cook out on Saturday to celebrate my niece's 28th birthday. The sun was out in full force that day and I'm surprised that Ryley didn't look like a lobster at the end of the time we were there. Of course he was running in and out of the house and that makes a difference.  Everyone had a good time though, even Pap and Chloe.

Today we are grilling at our house and then when the food is put away, it will be time to settle back into the work week.  I must be getting old because I love when it quiets back down these days!
I will be putting the last Heritage Chat gift into my store sometime this week.  You can find it exclusively at Ivy Scraps.  

Hopefully I will get out of this slump soon, because I really miss scrapping!  My week in reviews are so far behind I will never catch up.  On the bright side, I have been taking lots of photos for when I do have the time and mojo to do something with them. 
Enjoy your loved ones!