Thursday, June 4, 2015

Whew!! If I ever say I am moving again...

Just shoot me and be done with it.  I have always been one to go through my clothing at the end of each season and take what hasn't been used to a charity that will put them to good use.  This move has shown me that I need to do that with everything I own!!  It is AMAZING what you can collect in 30 years time and you can believe that won't happen in the next however many I have left on this earth.  Now, other than all of the boxes and trying to sort out what to put where we are enjoying the new home.  The garden is looking pretty good after all of the rain last weekend.  I can't wait until there are things to take from the garden to the table.  Yummy!!

We have had so many things going on lately that my good intentions are not going so well.  In all of the chaos, I haven't been on here in a month boo hiss!!  In my defense, moving is a lot of work.  Well, it was worth a shot.  Seriously though, we have been very blessed to have wonderful people in our lives to make the moving and transition go well.  A couple more weeks and I will be able to sit in the chair with a tall iced tea and my feet up or maybe sneak out to Green Acres and visit our friends there.  WOO HOO!!  Whatever it is will probably need to be outside because the dogs think that they should be out there every second of the day.  Icarus is doing much better with fewer steps to be climbing and the addition of MSM to his supplements has him walking around a little better.  Abby gets around okay but would rather guard the porch and her rawhide chew.  Check out how they deal with all the chaos from moving.

Friends, I have a request for those of you who are prayer warriors.  I'm asking for an unspoken prayer request.  The power of prayer is awesome and those prayers have gotten us through so much the last year or so.  I know that they will make a big difference and am asking you to continue sending prayers and healing thoughts.  Thank you so much for doing so and I will update when I can do so.

Until I get back here to post again, be sure to visit the forum at Ivy Scraps and check out the challenges for this month.  You will want to check out the June mini pixel kits too.  The theme this month is June Weddings and there are some awesome kits to scrap your wedding photos and many other events.  The cost of each mini kit is just $1, so the price is right!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Hugs


Taztang68 said...

Poor, poor baby's.... they look so stressed, better give them some extra lovin' :-)

scrapladyandmore said...

Hi Jan...was strolling through my blog (which I haven't posted to in over 2 years) and saw your blog listing as one I follow and just felt like I needed to click and come here. Of course, you were on my mind also from your fb happy birthday wish. Through many years of health issues I have been home bound and bed bound at various times and those both provide access to one thing I can do which is to pray for myself, family, and friends. Can't imagine a life without, as a prayer warrior you have my promise to lift you up daily in prayer!